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Local legend Ronnie Moore on the RFC Kids Academy

Local legend Ronnie Moore on the RFC Kids Academy

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all players, parents and families from myself and all the team at The Rotherham Football Centre Academy by Ronnie Moore. I have been involved in the professional game as a player, coach and manager for well over 40 years and have enjoyed many successes and also a few disappointments along the way. I firmly believe that the best time to develop good technical ability and skill is at an early age but this is dependant upon good quality coaching, a strong commitment from players to learn and also encouragement from parents to fully support their child’s ongoing development. First and foremost football should be fun but in order for a child to flourish and achieve their full potential there are a number of key factors that need to be present. I have mentioned quality coaching and parental support is essential but attitude, discipline, fitness and diet are all equally important. If one or more of these factors is missing it is extremely unlikely that children will fulfill their dream to become a professional footballer.

The Ronnie Moore Football Academy and Development Centre aims to deliver a first class football experience to players aged 4 to 14 years. The Development of our young players in a safe, happy and caring environment is of paramount importance, with the prime objective being to give each individual the best possible chance of ultimately achieving their dream of playing professional football or in pursuit of reaching their maximum potential. We will also provide parents/guardians with advice, guidance and information on the welfare and development of their child.

The flexible structure of The Academy and Development Centre recognizes that each player is an individual and the pace of player development can vary depending upon a range of factors such as technical, physical and social development. Players will be grouped based upon a number of factors and will be moved from development centre to academy and vice-versa dependant on their individual needs and development.

Regardless of whether a player is being coached within the academy or the development centre set-up we require and expect personal commitment, self discipline, positive attitude to succeed and a good work ethic. We also expect the players to take responsibility for their own development by continuing to review and set themselves goals to achieve throughout the season. Attending the RFCA will give players a fantastic opportunity to learn and develop but both players and parents have a responsibility to continue and support that development from home.

We want to offer the best for our players and their parents/guardians. With your help we can achieve great success so we hope to see you at The Academy trials on the 18th, 19th and 20th March.

Ronnie Moore.