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Get Fit And Keep Fit At Rotherham Football Centre!

Get Fit And Keep Fit At Rotherham Football Centre!

Here at Rotherham Football Centre we’re all about health and fitness. The reason we are so passionate about football is that it is essentially a whole-body workout which involves actions such as sprinting, turning, jumping, tackling and shooting. There is no membership fee unlike gym’s which some people find mundane and boring. All you need is a group of friends and a small fee of less than £5 per person – much easier on the wallet. However here at Rotherham football centre we’re bringing a whole new edge to keeping you fit and healthy in a fun way.

Here at Rotherham Football centre we have made The “beautiful” game accessible to a large population with something the area was greatly lacking. There is something for all ages even for the most experienced players yet just as fun for the beginner. Training sessions are run for kids of all ages on a Tuesday evening between 5.30 -7pm and on a Saturday morning 12-1.30pm. Holiday football camps are also run during the school holidays. The mature millers train here on Wednesday for any one over the age of 50 between 12.30 and 2pm. For those after something a bit more competitive there are now adult and under 18 junior leagues running. We hope to also have a female and corporate league soon.

Football is also one of the best sports for burning calories. In an hour’s play, the average 70kg man will burn over 800 calories – a rate comparable to swimming, rugby, cycling and basketball.

Makes you feel better about that pint in the pub afterwards, or that curry at the weekend doesn’t it?